How to check the top rated products

How to check the top rated products

  • Check the Feedback Rating and Transaction History in the Search

After you have entered your search term in the Search Bar and clicked Search, you can view the seller’s feedback rating and the number of transactions made for each product on the Search Results Page.
How to check the top rated products on Aliexpress
The best products to purchase are those with 4 or 5 stars and high numbers of orders.

  • Deciding the quality of the product and seller on the Detail Page

When you have found a product you like, you can view a more detailed description of that product by clicking on the title and going to its Detail Page.
How to check the top rated products on Aliexpress
This page also carries much more detailed information on the product quality and buyer feedback, all of which can give you a much clearer picture than can be found on the Search Results page.

  • Completing your order and leaving feedback

When you receive your order, please check it as soon as possible to make sure the quality and quantity of the items are correct.
Then, simply log in to your AliExpress account and confirm the satisfactory delivery of your order so your payment can be released to the seller.
Learn more about how to complete your order
You are also strongly encouraged to leave feedback about the item you purchased and to leave comments about your experience on the seller’s store.
This will help other buyers evaluate the seller and their goods when making a purchase.


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