Cell Phone Shaped Self Defense Device w/ Pouch

Cell Phone Shaped Self Defense Device w/ Pouch
]Product Features:
High-power stun gun
1.2 million volts, enough power to shock the outlaw
Turn on the switch at side, strong electric shocking will occur
Shock the arms or legs of the scoundrel, then they will loss the ability to attack
Multi functions, with LED light
Safe and easy to use
Built in rechargeable battery, charged directly by AC power
Great for personal protection while in danger
Comes with 250V AC charger, pouch and English User manual
Size (L x W x T): 110 x 50 x 23mm/ 4.33 x 1.97 x 0.91in
Net Weight: 121 g/ 4.27 oz
Color: Silver with Black
— Attention: Customers should contact local customs or related authorities to check whether this product can be imported and used or not. We are not responsible for customs confiscations or punishment due to the destination country's local Laws or regulations.
---The charge time is about 8 hours, please pay attention to end the charging time. During charging-up it can't be used.
---The stun gun should not be stored in a humid environment and kept in super high/low temperature. It shouldn't be sunned or rained.
---DO NOT shock metal objects
---DO NOT shock children, persons with heart disease and any vital part on human body
Package Contents:
1 x High-Power Stun Gun
1 x Charger
1 x Pouch
1 x English User Manual">


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