4GB Conversion free MP5 review + photoshoot

I used to have several Chipods before I changed to buy some branded Chinese MP3/MP4 players. Currently I own a Meizu M6 and a nationite S:Flo. Both players are very good and they make me forget those Chipods very fast. Recently I decided to buy another player, this time I bought it from Tinydeal. I picked out the generic version of the Onda VX757+


The price was 39 Euro with free shipping to Europe. The order was placed and paid on 21 August and delivery was on 29 August, thumbs up for the fast delivery. I got a tracking number from Tinydeal so I could follow the shipment.



In the generic box there is obvious the player, a white headset with a pair of foam padding, mini-USB cable, a useless generic Chinglish manual, a black pouch, the TV-Out cable and a 220 Volt 2-pin wallcharger. Everything you need and even more is included. It does not come in a fancy box, but it is generic player, so it is obvious they ship it in a generic box. This is a budget player, a fancy box would increase the price.



First impression is good, the player is light weight and the fit an finish is good (not perfect). The screen side is very smooth and glossy, however there are some tiny gaps arround the central button and on the right hand side top were you can see the light colored metal from the frame. On each corner there is a visible srew that hold the player together. The original VX757+ or Pasen F13 does not have those screws.
On the bottom side there is a micro SD slot without a rubber cover. The backside is also black and has a nice metal structure look.



The interface is different than the genuine Onda VX757+, but it is convenient and logical to use. You can scroll trough the menu options with the buttons. To be honnest, it takes a while before you will get used to the buttons functions. Their function can change, it depends where in the menu you are. Once you get «it» everything works well, and I can say that I don't miss a touchscreen at all. There are standard 8 different background options but you can not set your own pictures as background.



I did not unpacked the included headset because they usualy sound horrible. I use a mp4nation Alpha Brainwavz headset instead. About this headset I can say only one thing: GET IT, for less than 10 USD you get a teriffic pair of headsets!!! The sound quality from this player is better than expected. Even with my low 96 bitrate WMA music files the player manage to produce terrific sound quality.It does not reach the Meizy M6 level but the M6 is one of the best you can get these days.
The player has several EQ setting and supports Microsoft FX, so good bass is no problem. The volume level is...loud........very loud........extremely load, I never had a player that can play so loud. This one can destroy your ears, so be carefull. The player reads ID3 tags and sorts them out by name, artist, genre etc. The is no support for album art or other fancy things. After you unplug the player from the PC the media library is updates automatic, it takes about 30 seconds.



The player supports most common video formats plus RM, RMVB and FLV. So you can play files downloaded from Youtube without any conversion. I did not much testing with the file formats. I tried it with a AVI from Saw 4 and yes, there was blood. On the player the movie plays without any problem. The video quality is very good, colorfull and sharp. I tried the TV-out and than the movie quality is still very good. I noticed when I use the TV-out there can be a minor stutter in the movie, but it is not disturbing. The TV-out is a very nice feature, especially to watch movies and show pictures to your friends. Before you can use the TV-out function you need to activate it in the setting menu, very easy.

7/10 because of the stutter with TV-out


Like the video, the picture quality is very good. There are option to zoom in or out, rotate and make a slideshow. No special things to say about this feauture, it works well. There is no option to use your own pictures as a wallpaper or background.



There is a radio and as allways you need the headset wire that functions as antenna. The radio function is basic and the reception is not so good. Compared to my Meizu M6 and S:Flo the radio reception is poor. It has auto scan function or manual scanning. In autoscan the player stores the radio station automatic.



I never use the e-book function so I only tried it with the included demo file. There are 2 options, you can change the font size (not style) and font color. There is a resume function and also the option to save the last visited pages.



There seems to be a game, but when I start it the players crashed, no further comment



Overall I was pretty impressed by this player. Allways keep in mind that this is a budget player loaded with a lot of features. The price should not be a problem. The 2 most important features, music and video, are very good. They allways say never judge a book by the cover and it is true. This book has only a plain generic cover, but what is inside that cover is very good. If you are on a budget and want good music and video quality playback than this is the player to get.

Here are more pictures:


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