Car Key Shaped Rechargeable USB Cigarette Lighter with Keychain

Product Features:

The Electronic Cigarette Lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery,

which can be charged and discharged hundreds of times. If you use this product

for the first time or after a long time, please connect the charger, then

disconnect and reconnect the charger to start charge, please stop charging as

soon as it's fully charged. Don't connect the fully charged battery to power

for a long time, as the over-charge will shorten the life of battery.
Features car key shaped design, cool and stylish
With keychain, convenient for use
USB charging port (USB cable included)
Portable and handsome
The full charge generally takes 3 hours
USB interface is only used for charge
USB port and cigarette lighter are respectively on each side of the

enclosure through sliding a button in the middle
Other chargers' output voltage should be less than DC5V ± 0.5V
Other chargers' output current should be less than 3000mA
Connected to your computer, mobile phone chargers, and any other charger
Please charge the battery before it's discharged completely, which can

extend the life of battery
Net weight: 41 g / 1.45 oz
Size: 80 x 35 x 15 mm / 3.15 x 1.38 x 0.59 inch
Color: as shown in the picture
Do not place this product into the fire! This may lead to an explosion!
Do not use this product in addition to the rechargeable power supply for

any power supply other than the charge! This may cause damage!
Do not connect this product to the charger beyond above allowed chargers.

This may lead to explosion!

Package Contents:

1 x Cigarette Lighter

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